Our most comprehensive treatment







MasterTreatment ™ is MrCAP's full treatment for the exterior and interior of your car.

In new cars, MasterTreatment ™ works as a preventive measure, in cars that have some use, MasterTreatment ™ can substantially recover the new car pattern and even surpass it.

The MasterTreatment ™ consists of two main treatments of MrCAP:

FormulaU ™, car paint surface treatment which increases resistance to air pollutants, road dirt, UV rays, while maintaining the brightness and value of the car.

NewMatizing ™ & UG-2 ™ for the car's interior. The whole interior is cleaned in detail. Textiles, glass, leather, engine compartment and luggage compartment are cleaned and treated.

The MasterTreatment ™ refines the car paint. Textile and leather interiors are cleaned by chemical cleaning before being impregnated with UG-2 ™, which is dirt repellent.

This treatment refines the appearance of the entire car, making it easier to keep the car sparkling and attractive. According to our customers, the value of your car stays up and sometimes increases.