NewMatizing™ & UG-2™


Deep chemical cleaning of interiors and waterproofing of textiles


NewMatizing™ UG-2™





NewMatizing™ is an interior dry cleaning with special machines and products. In-depth treatment for all types of textiles, eliminates all inlaid dirt and stains. Returning them the original color and texture (upholstery, side panels, floor, carpets, luggage rack, ceiling, spare wheel, etc.). It is our full cleaning that restores health levels, eliminates dust mites and bacteria.

Once cleaned, fabrics are impregnated with UG-2 ™, an "invisible seat liner" with a dirt repellent capacity, making it easy to vacuum the interior and keep it clean and fresh.

In vehicles with leather interiors, a special chemical cleaning is done which is completed with the LeatherGard ™ treatment, making the leather soft and supple, more resistant to dirt and stains. All other details inside the car will receive the specific treatment they need.